12th July

12julAll Day12th July

Event Details

Friday, July 12th – 6am to 7am
Virtual Dawn Service

Virtual Dawn Service 
– Opening Prayer & Worship
–  Prayer Point #1 =To be empowered with the presence of God
–  Prayer Point #2 =To encounter the Spirit of Pentecost to transform my world 
–  Prayer Point #3 =For Revival on the University Campuses


Friday, July 12th –  9am to 12:30pm
Morning Service
(Doors Open at 8am) 

Morning Session 
–  Intensive Prayers
– Praise & Worship Sequence 
– Day #1 Recap Video 
– Song Ministration        
– Welcome
– 1st Speaker: Bridging the Intergenerational Gap for Kingdom Advancement
– Song Ministration        
– Speaker Introduction Video/Voice Over
– 2nd Speaker:  The Evil Behind the Privilege:  Nebuchadnezzar Syndrome 
–  Prayer & Altar Call 
– Launching of Workers Guild       
– Announcement 
– Closing Prayer 
– Benediction


Friday, July 12th –  12:30 pm to 3:30 pm
Afternoon Session 

Breakout Sessions 
Session Title 
Professional & Career Development (PPN)
WORKSHOP: Work that Matters: How to Achieve Purposeful Career Growth as a Professional.
Living and working in uncertain times: Managing stress in the new normal
Entrepreneurship Development: Training people on how to start their own business. Identifying business opportunities, Assessing start-up Funding, Business formation – Types of Biz, Pro & Cons, & Building Sustainable Business.

  • Ideation – Generating business ideas.
  • From ideation to start-up.
  • Running the business.
PPN Panel Discussion:  Intentional Mentorship and Keychain Leadership Development: A catalyst for transforming spheres.
ACGC Panel Discussion: Navigating the Transition: Life on College Campus and Career Readiness.

  • Living the college campus life as a Christian
  • How to graduate debt-free
  • Career readiness prior to graduation
  • Crafting a job-winning resume
Session Title 
Relationship Focused Sessions
Am I Ready & What is Ready
Objective: Having a sense of who you are. Tools to Determine ReadinessTarget: Singles 
Back to God’s Design

Objective: The foundation and design for Christian marriage. 

Target: Engaged & Married

Raising Godly & Emotionally Intelligent Children: Identifying & Dealing with Post marital Challenges
Session Title 
Creative Arts Club (Workers Guild)
–  Making Jesus Known – Using Social Media as an Evangelistic Tool
–  Conceiving & Nurturing Transformative Vision
–  Levite > Musician 


 Friday, July 12th –  7pm to 10:30 pm
Evening Service (Doors Open at 6pm)

Friday Evening Service 
– Intercessory Prayers
– Praise & Worship Sequence
– Welcome
– Performance Art  
–  The Rationale of Vision 2028 and the Role of PENSA  = Elder Yaw Opoku Boakye 
–  Talk #1: Topic: Kingdom Financiers.

–  Speaker : Elder Dr. Siaw Agyapong

– Q&A 
–  Talk #2

–  Topic: A Generation Unleashed as  Kingdom Ambassadors

Speaker: Aps. Ebenezer Hagan 

–  Extended Prayer & Altar Call – Night of Pentecostal, Empowerment & Impartation (Holy Ghost Baptism, Healing & Deliverance) 
– Announcement Video
– Closing Remarks & Evangelism Guide for Saturday 
–  Closing Prayer 
–  Benediction 


All Day (Friday)